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See the new Astrological Index for the meaning of other astrological words and phrases. The Movement of the Astrological Ages. Precession of the Earth. Movement of the Vernal Equinox Point. Precession of the Equinoxes. The Changing Pole Star. An Astrological Age Concepts of Ages before the 20th Century Plato's Perfect Number [c BC]. Plato's Complete Year [c BC]. Voltaire's Great Year [c AD].

Searching for a New Age in the 20th Century Carl Gustav Jung and the Age of Pisces []. Jung's 'Platonic' Month [ AD]. Jung's 'Platonic' Year [ AD]. Publishing and Precession after Jung Ancient Egypt and Precession. Eventually doctors will be able to grow body parts for people who are ill or who were born with birth defects. I can see you are distrustful of this possibility and I was too until I saw a report about this process recently on a top rated television news show.

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Scientists, using genetic engineering with pieces of DNA code, have been able to grow missing body parts they showed a nose in a petri dish. This technology is in its infancy, so stay tuned. Deaf people will be fitted with special computer chips in their heads so they can regain the ability to hear. This is being done now, but is highly expensive.

Watch for this procedure to become more affordable and more frequent. Use it or lose it will take on new meaning! We had better start going to the gym too, because sitting at computers all day long is making us a global population of unfit people. Soon it will be possible to treat diseases before they occur.

Fine-tuned genetic testing will predict our predisposition to a particular disease and we can take steps to never get sick. This is already happening, in cases where people take an aspirin each day to prevent heart disease, for example. One can imagine taking pills for years on end in case of illness, even though no signs have developed. The ancient discipline of Homeopathic medicine will also keep developing and more of us will use certain herbs and alternative remedies for disease prevention, too. Pluto in Scorpio paved the way for this in the s.

The social debates surrounding organ transplants will continue to heat up as we have greater access to genetic information. Who will get the new heart or liver, the year-old girl with a learning disability or the year-old nuclear physicist? The movie Gattica which starred Ethan Hawke and Uma Thuman, demonstrated that this emphasis on perfection could grow into something absurd. Can you imagine the talk at the office water cooler? Going au natural no breast implants, no tummy tucks! Economics will continue to play a big part in health care.

As we have seen by the end of this century, state of the art health care costs a pretty penny to provide, and those costs are not liable to go down. Insurance companies could get even more powerful, causing lawmakers to have to change how these companies are regulated.

In America, managed care has triggered a torrent of controversy. One insurance company recently announced a patient would have to call the company for permission before calling an ambulance to be rushed to the hospital. Approval of the team care clerk a fancy word for a cost adjuster is required before the patient would have the go-ahead to proceed to the emergency room.

Unfortunately that has been true in some cases in America. Not all change will be good, but hopefully, responsible leaders will turn those conditions around into something more reasonable and workable. Aquarius also rules the concept of time, so how we treat time or think of time will change dramatically. When we choose to work, play or shop will change. This hotel receives guests from all over the world all day long. As we all work at different times, some of us will want to get a manicure at 2 AM or hit the gym at AM. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but others are on the way — even in the suburbs.

The s-era promise of a suburban paradise has not been fulfilled. Traffic and suburban sprawl have left whole communities disillusioned by their low quality of life. Cities will again become attractive places for families to live, allowing for more economical usage of resources like land, electricity, gas and other utilities. Aquarius rules cities, not rural or suburban locations. Working parents will find city life more attractive, because it allows for shorter commutes and more hours with their little ones at home. Cities give greater access to cultural activities without the hassle too, and as senior citizens age, cities provide access to friendships, activities, home care and health care without the bother of driving.

The list of species on the endangered list will continue to grow and this will become a more important global issue than it is today. As our rain forests become depleted, as certain species cease to exist, and as the hole in our ozone layer opens wider, it will become evident that humanity, as custodians of planet earth, must do something.

Caring for planet earth will always be under the domain of Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign the ancient astrologers wisely believed was most sensitive and best qualified for improving life on the planet. So watch for great strides to be made in environmental protection during the Age of Aquarius.

Agents, distributors, and brokers — middlemen — are rapidly disappearing from many business models used today. Consumers can often go directly to the source of whatever they want to purchase, like goods, services and even information. The Internet is a very Aquarian concept as it exists today, because Aquarius believes that information should be free.

Agents have traditionally granted access to the top echelon, but on the Internet there is no need for agents. Soon, the only agents that will exist are the robotic kind that go and seek out information for you can come back with the answer. On the Internet everyone has the most valuable resource — access to everyone else. With the ease of email, an artist can just as easily get in touch with a long list of contacts himself or herself, at the touch of a keystroke. The idea that talent is rare forms the basis of intellectual property rights.

Photographers who used to get big fees from few clients now have a new model — tiny fees from a great many clients. Will they come out ahead? Some artwork or music will be given away free and later earn the creator a profit in concert ticket sales or a big book contract — another twist on the Aquarius idea of one for all and all for one.

If we all were less fearful of taking a chance, the world would be so much richer for it. Imagine if people were able to write the books, compose the music or start the businesses that they always dreamed of! This kind of insurance would encourage people to think big. An individual, family, group or even a country will be able to hedge their bets by trading futures as one does on a commodity exchange. The form of leadership driving big corporations will change, too. Gone are the days when an ego-driven leader will rule the roost — teams will be in charge. Progress will be a group effort born of shared knowledge and pooled expertise.

After all, Aquarius is not like Leo or Aries, signs that like to rule — Aquarius is the egalitarian sign of groups and encourages a democratic voice for one and all. Instead of a dictator at the helm of the corporate ship the model will be more akin to that of a beehive with bees working side by side.

Leaders of the future must be democratic decision-makers. Employee-owned companies are a very Aquarian concept as well. The boom of telecommuting and working at home is only a fraction as large as it will eventually become. Aquarius is a highly technical sign. The average person will have to possess a solid working knowledge of computers or risk being left unable to take advantage of the benefits that telecommuting offers. Experts feel it is very possible that there will be more nations in the world as time goes by.

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Regions of existing countries will break away and become independent nations. This is because self rule is very important to the sign of Aquarius. In there were 58 nations in the UN but now there are Can we see a world where New York City becomes a nation?

The Astrological Ages - Robert Ohotto

Maybe not, but what about Quebec? Northern Basque? Kits and St. The Ogoni tribeland in Nigeria? Northern Italy? Will republican Australia secede from the commonwealth? The Internet and a global economy, which were supposed to bring people together, will allow people to express their individuality too.

An interesting combination, but Aquarius rules both brotherhood and individuality. Marriage will change, for the institution of marriage began in agricultural cultures where plenty of hands were needed to till the fields and gather the harvest. The infant mortality rate was high then and life expectancy was short, so women needed to bear as many children as possible so that their offspring could help with the farm work.

The wife of the farmer was dependent on her husband for sustenance and protection. In our industrial society, women are educated and capable of making a living on their own.

The Age of Pisces

A woman is not normally dependent on her husband for food and shelter and will choose to marry based on love. She is far less likely than ever before to stay in an unhappy marriage. Men, too, do not require a wife or offspring in order to keep their businesses and homes operational.

The rising divorce rate can be seen in this positive light: men and women no longer have to stay in bad marriages if they choose not to. The rising divorce rate is apt to continue until conditions change and make breaking free either unattractive financially or temporarily impossible. Any institution that bases its success on the weakness of one group of participants does not have a strong of a chance of success.

Aquarius tends to be a bachelor sign for it prizes independence. If marriage survives and thrives as an institution, it will certainly have to change. If a couple does choose to marry, they may want to do so much later in life. Pre-nuptial agreements will become commonplace as women have more property to protect and courts will uphold those pre-nuptial agreements, something that has not always been the case.

Few people will marry without a lawyer at their side, a clean bill of health, and a credit check of their future spouse. Is this a bad thing? Not at all. While it sounds unromantic, it will cut down on sadness later.

The Astrological Ages

More people will marry for true love. In an odd way, all these conditions will allow love more freedom than ever before, because people will choose their partners without the constraints that have held them back in the past. Free at last, true love can bloom. In a recent television report on ABC News www. Sex, they predicted, will be for recreation alone. Creating a healthy child is way too risky for simple lovemaking.

Space & Time Travel through Astrological Ages

Good grief! Society will have to determine once and for all how to define a human being, how to define death sure to become even harder , and how to define birth. The debate over abortion will get even more intense as science sails us unto these totally uncharted waters. People will tend to have fewer children but will invest more in those children, by giving them a better education and more support. Society will benefit from the attention these parents lavish on their children. We have come so far, but other questions persist. What is the origin of life?

Certainly in the next few years let alone another millennium scientists will show us amazing discoveries about the origin of life on earth and elsewhere in our solar system. Recently a meteor landed in Texas, and when it was cracked open, traces of water were found inside. Scientists now believe that anywhere one finds water and heat one may find signs of life. In , Russian and British scientists found a huge fresh water lake buried under a two-mile deep ice sheet in Antarctica.

The depth of the lake was measured at 1, feet. The pressure over it kept it fluid, even though the temperature of the water was few degrees below freezing. The water in it is thought to be over a million years old — a perfect test tube sample full of microbes that can live without sunlight. Some of these species of microbes could be eons old. A lake like this could tell us much about the origins of life. Related to this, the Age of Aquarius will inspire us to question what constitutes a human being?

How do we define the soul? What is a living person? These become practical questions when you consider something like cloning science. Cloning may someday help parents who have been unable to conceive the child they always dreamed of. Will they be raising a little copy of themselves?

Astrology shows that you are not simply a mass of DNA but also part of a social order that involves the time and place of your birth. Even if you can clone the body, the mind and spirit would be vastly different and individual. Therefore, if a cloned person is born at a different time or place he or she will have a new chart — making this person different and special. I have come to the end of my predictions but could have listed many more.

I have chosen some of the best and most exciting ones to report to you. There are so many more inventions coming! Cars will drive themselves to pick you up after work. New forms of education will be developed and charter schools could replace public education. Political campaigning will change as politicians use the Internet for polling.

The list goes on. I gobble up any tidbit of information about our brave new world. The concepts being discussed are too delicious not to sink my teeth into. Hopefully, you feel the same way! An eternal optimist, I believe deeply in the goodness of people everywhere. I feel that when the chips are down, good judgement reigns and the balance of power remains firmly tipped toward the side of the angels.

We will do that. Religion will survive. I firmly believe we go through these various ages to expand our knowledge and experience, not to discard what we have gone through as we move on to the next thing. The Age of Pisces has been a powerful building block upon which to stand. Hopefully, if we stand high enough we can reach the sky and discover true wisdom, but that does require that we keep building upon what we have learned. If we lose our spirituality we will have learned nothing from the Age of Pisces. Many scientists say to me that the closer you get to mathematicians and physics the closer you come to God and the underpinnings of our beautifully, magically constructed universe.

Ray Grasse: Astrology and the Great Ages

Our world is ever fascinating, but complete understanding of it is always just out of our reach. It is not, as I see it, a question of spirituality OR science but a question of blending the two. Science will bring up more questions than answers, and if we are to solve them, we will need to rely on the ethical, moral and religious judgements that we make individually. These are the conclusions we draw after a sleepless night, in the quiet pre-dawn hours when we lie awake and meet our true souls.

If we are going to be able to live with ourselves, we must find those answers, even if it means pulling those solutions from the bottom of our hearts, and we must bravely state what we stand for out loud.

Return of the Christ

April 19th, On the morning of August 11 it was a sunny day in downtown Los Angeles. The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius The total eclipse of the Sun that occurred in August was significant because it helped to get the world ready to launch into the main time of the Age of Aquarius.

The Onset Date: October 4, Many people think the Age of Aquarius began neatly at that August eclipse, or even more neatly, that it will begin on the dot at the first hour of the year Computers, Computers Computers are already ubiquitous and they will become an even greater part of our lives. Humans And Machines Will Be Symbiotic Now and probably for several years to come there will be no central intelligence to manage this organically grown network of computers. A New Internet There is more evidence of advanced communications between computers and computer networks.

Quantum Computers There are other interesting developments involving computers on the horizon. People Like Machines And Machines Like People If people are destined to become more like machines, make no mistake, machines are rapidly becoming more like people. Time Changes Aquarius also rules the concept of time, so how we treat time or think of time will change dramatically.

Cities Will Prosper The s-era promise of a suburban paradise has not been fulfilled. Endangered Species The list of species on the endangered list will continue to grow and this will become a more important global issue than it is today. Business Going, Going, Gone — The Middleman Agents, distributors, and brokers — middlemen — are rapidly disappearing from many business models used today. Teams Rule! Down With Dictators! The Trend Toward Working At Home The boom of telecommuting and working at home is only a fraction as large as it will eventually become.

Marriage And Sex Marriage will change, for the institution of marriage began in agricultural cultures where plenty of hands were needed to till the fields and gather the harvest. Origins Of Life We have come so far, but other questions persist. In Conclusion I have come to the end of my predictions but could have listed many more.

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